Rough & Ready Grange 795  

Rough and Ready Grange 795
14550 Rough and Ready Highway Rough and Ready, CA 95975
(530)  272- 4142

Mission Statement

The Grange provides opportunities for individuals and families to develop to their highest potential in order to build stronger communities and states, as well as a stronger nation.

The Grange will accomplish this mission through:


  • We give our members the opportunity to meet with and get to know their neighbors in a safe, family-friendly atmosphere
  • We provide a place where children, youth, and adults can grow, develop their talents and social skills, and learn leadership techniques


  • We provide our members with the opportunity to discover and solve community needs
  • We give assistance to individuals in crisis
  • We provide a great place for community networking


  • We have a grassroots approach to local, state and federal legislative change
  • We give our members a voice in state and federal government forums

Who we are

The Grange is concerned with Family and Rural America. But the Grange is also a community service organization. Many Granges donate time and/or money to their communities. The Grange is also involved in a wide variety of legislative activity from sponsoring local debates and candidates' nights to testifying before state legisatures and Congress on areas of concern.